Industry 4.0

Harness the power of data from all stages of your industrial process. We digitalize your business from the shop floor to the top floor, bringing you two steps ahead of the game – and your competitors.

Data powered progress

With the fourth industrial revolution rapidly gearing up, the importance and value of data are increasing for every organization. This data can give your company an enormous boost in turnover by improving production, decreasing waste and expanding to new business models.

We are forerunners in leveraging operational technology combined with modern hybrid cloud and data-driven solutions for optimized manufacturing, supply chain and business processes. With more than 35 years of experience and strategic partnership with leading global industries we help enterprises simplify and optimize complex processes for efficiency, sustainability and agility.

Integration factory

Combine your industrial IT and operational data, applications and services with the most qualified people to innovate and improve like never before. We make it seamless and secure, both at the edge and in the cloud.

Data Platform

Industrial Data Platform gives you ownership and control over your data to harness your business’s full value. With real-time automated data collection, we bring your company data into the hands of the right people.

Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the cockpit from which all the activities on the factory floor can be controlled and monitored.

Supply Chain Planning and Operations

Supply Chain Planning and Operations solutions let you orchestrate the entire supply chain by using real-time data, simulations and optimization to balance supply and demand.