Healthcare Provider

Healthcare providers rely on our solutions to manage delicate information and securely provide data to specialists at the right moments during the care process.

Services for a modern provider

Healthcare providers need systems that enable growth and services that reflect the actual needs of today’s patients. Unfortunately, the legacy systems cannot handle all the different data that today’s care providers use and are, instead, a blocker for both the quality of care and services provided beyond these that respond to acute needs.

The ecosystem approach

We can build modern healthcare ecosystems with the best mix of what the providers need. We can help healthcare providers launch new services, expand, and make the business more efficient – allowing practitioners to concentrate on the patients. Our solutions are end-user and patient oriented, based on modularity and open interfaces with no vendor lock. We can build you the system step-by-step and prototype very early on. We are small enough to be agile but big enough to deliver on big projects successfully.

Customer Service Management

We offer a 360-degree view of the patient – all the data quickly and easily from one place.

Patients expect a seamless and consistent customer experience in every contact with the healthcare organization. We have an outside-in approach, allowing various systems to exchange data and create a uniform experience – a straightforward solution for the end-user. By integrating different data sources into the processes, you can better use the patient information, offering better services and better lifecycle management.

Capacity and Resource Management

Better management of resources, both human capital and facilities, enables streamlining of operations and workflows.

Capacity and resource management is essential to avoid shortages and critical situations. Through data analysis, it is possible to project and plan both staffing and other assets. Consequently, optimization and automation improve patient flow, allow better resource allocation, reduce maintenance downtime and save costs.

Private Care Provider EMR

This solution is tailored for the practitioners to concentrate on the patient and not waste time on counterintuitive software.

Our cutting-edge EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution is optimized for the private sector. The system focuses solely on clinical workflows, letting other ecosystem applications take care of things like billing and product management. The solution has a strong emphasis on user-experience and enables recording medical data more efficiently and precisely. It can easily be connected to other systems (e.g., National Health Record) through open APIs, ready for interoperability, has no vendor lock and is built to be loved by users.

Public Hospital HIS

Our Hospital Information System (HIS) is a holistic solution that improves processes for the hospital, staff and patients.

HIS is at the core of any hospital. It manages all the processes of a public hospital with each part of the system tailored for specific users to truly achieve its purpose. It supports the practitioners in concentrating on the patient, optimizes processes for the institution and creates a platform for better patient information flows and pre- and post-care measures. We can quickly and easily integrate and scale new HIS services.