National Healthcare

A healthy nation rests on a modern healthcare system, where decisions are based on accurate, standardized data, and user-friendly systems empower the patient. Our expertise in digitalization and healthcare systems helps foster a healthier population.

Investing in a healthy population

Expenditure on health uses approximately a tenth of the GDP (OECD average). Since population aging is recognized as one of the four global demographic “megatrends,” the money spent on healthcare needs to be money spent wisely. Digitalizing national healthcare enables improved population health and disease prevention through IT systems that connect with personal data. Examples include connecting wearable medical devices with healthcare systems for up-to-the-minute data or allowing telemedicine to improve postoperative care and minimize hospital visits.

Building modern healthcare systems

We are experienced in digitalizing healthcare systems – securely collecting and standardizing the data from different sources to produce advanced analytics, thus, allowing for better decision-making and prudent distribution of finances.

National Health Record

A National Health Record system will fundamentally transform a nation’s healthcare and allow true digitalization to happen in all medical fields where patient-doctor interaction takes place.

A National Health Record (NHR) allows complete medical data sharing among healthcare institutions for better treatment decisions concerning both patients and the general population. NHR enables the patient to be the active owner of their health data and contribute to their medical file via wearable electronic devices. Nortal has extensive experience with HL7 FHIR, having been the first ever to create an HL7 FHIR standard-based NHR.

Medical Data Archive

Medical Data Archive is a universal and essential building block of any healthcare system for medical data security.

Digitalization is impossible without secure data storage and complex business logic. We have vast experience in building secure, functioning and scalable Medical Data Archives.

Medical Data Exchange

Medical Data Exchange is crucial to an efficient collaboration between medical institutions. With live data exchange, it is possible to provide better, personalized treatments to patients in different locations.

Medical Data Exchange allows various hospitals, medical institutions and services to collaborate on patient care by securely sharing medical data. Medical Data Exchange can be de-centralized, retrieving patients’ data only during treatment and then deleted from the database afterward. Using the HL7 FHIR standard for data interoperability, we ensure that medical data can be used in different solutions.


Convenient digital prescriptions save an incredible amount of time for both patients and pharmacists and instantly provide doctors with vital information to prevent drug interaction risk.

e-Prescription is not only about saving time and replacing a paper-based process – it’s about adding value for everyone concerned. Automated checks during prescribing medicines allow the physician to avoid drug-to-drug/pharmacodynamic interactions. Digital workflows enable pharmacies to remain compliant and reduce fraud. Interoperability and working with data instead of paper lets insurance companies process claims faster and with less overhead.